A rare novelty Dunhill Humidor cabinet circa 1920

A rare novelty Dunhill Humidor cabinet circa 1920

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W: 23cm (9.1")H: 30cm (11.8")D: 22cm (8.7")

£1,495.00 Approx $1834.36, €1760.9

This most unusual novelty humidor is made in the form of a small oak bookcase which on first impressions seem to hold four finely bound and gilt embossed books. The titles of each book bares a smoking reference as does the author. The cabinet in beautifully made from English oak and stands on four turned feet. It has decorative turned embellishments to each side and a beaded moulding arounds its base. One of these beads is actually a hidden button which when pressed releases the spring loaded door mechanism which shows the books are only fake bindings set into the door frame and the real purpose of this piece is to store cigars. The interior is fitted with three cedar lined drawers each of which has a small brass axe head handle. The door is stamped Pro Pat 8292 and the top drawer is stamped Dunhill London.

A superb piece in very good condition, circa 1920.