A Rare 18th Century Indian Bronze Urli Temple Bowl

A Rare 18th Century Indian Bronze Urli Temple Bowl

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W: 66cm (26")H: 18cm (7.1")D: 61cm (24")

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This most impressive Indian bronze ceremonial urli is a large cauldron type vessel used in Indian culture for cooking large quantities of food for sharing during gatherings and ceremonies. Whilst in use it would hang from ropes that were past through the decorative loop handles on each side and hang directly over the open fire from a stand. This fine early example is unusual because it is of a smaller size. Often these rare pieces are over a meter in diameter this one is of a much more useable size and in the right location such as a large table, it would make an interesting centerpiece. This urli is of shallow form. It has ring moulded decoration to the outer neck and rim where it is also signed with a hand engraved scripture. This interesting piece has a wonderful untouched dark green verdigris patination and shows aged residue from the fire on the underside.
Indian, Circa 1800