An Exceptional Late 19th Century Bronze Standard Lamp.

An Exceptional Late 19th Century Bronze Standard Lamp.

Code: 740028


W: 60cm (23.6")H: 190cm (74.8")D: 60cm (23.6")

£2,950.00 Approx $3571.43, €3422.27

This most impressive and fine quality lamp was originally an oil lamp which in the early 20th century was converted to electricity when this most exotic lampshade was added which is made from tanned reindeer hide which has marble-like markings running through each hand stitched panel. These markings are translucent and light shines through when in use. The lamp is cast from solid bronze and this is a very heavy piece. It stands on a Neoclassical style base with cat-like legs with clawed feet. There are large foliate leaves and fruit draping between each. The column is similarly decorated with leaves and stems and at the top, the original oil reservoir is beautifully decorated with three cast stylized leopards’ heads which compliment the legs. The vessel is further decorated with vine leaves and grapes. This exotic bronze lamp is patinated dark brown and throughout has many parts which have been fire gilded in contrast giving high quality and decorative look. Circa 1880 size including shade h 190cm x w 60cm d 60 cm