A Collection Of Framed Victorian Prattware Pots Lids

A Collection Of Framed Victorian Prattware Pots Lids

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W: 110cm (43.3")H: 126cm (49.6")D: 6cm (2.4")

£1,450.00 Approx $1763.99, €1682.13

This highly decorative large finely framed collection of Victorian Prattware pot lids represents an interesting view of Victorian life. Amongst the 35 pieces on display there are views depicting various famous buildings, prominent people of the day, country houses, people at their daily chores, horse racing, fishing and a multiple of other subjects. They are produced in vibrant colours showing great detail. The Pratt ware factory was renowned for this quality. They have been mounted into a purpose made giltwood mount which is displayed in a fine well detailed moulded swept giltwood frame. All pieces date to the Victorian period. Most are in good condition, a few have some damage as shown in the photographs. This unusual and impressive framed collection will have a good visual impact and create great interest on the wall.
Circa 1880
£1450 for 35 framed pieces