A rare Edwardian model of an 18th c London to Epsom Stagecoach

A rare Edwardian model of an 18th c London to Epsom Stagecoach

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W: 57cm (22.4")H: 28cm (11")D: 19cm (7.5")

£1,650.00 Approx $2022.06, €1945.75

This superb Edwardian scratch built model stage coach dates to circa 1900. It is in very good original condition and has been pain stakingly built and hand painted to great detail in wood and brass. It stands on four wooden spoked wheels with brass rims. All of the working chassis is in timber, the front section has moving steering. The leaf spring suspension is hand made and riveted in brass. There is a working handbrake with a lever and mechanism which locks onto the back wheels. The carriage has hinged doors with glass windows which open to reveal a fitted interior lined in red fabric with brass trim. This interior was intended for high class travellers who paid well for the privilege. Above there is an assortment of bench seating upholstered with red velvet for the drivers and those passengers less fortunate. They would have paid less for the journey but would have been exposed to all of the elements. This amazing model has brass lanterns, a horn for blowing and sounding the approach. There is a number of stepping plates for climbing up to the top seats. On the back there is asset of extra mounting tack for more horses. The overall appearance of this model carriage has great eye appeal. It is all original, brightly hand painted, detailed finish which is sign written with from London to Epsom on all sides. The colour scheme of yellow red and black detailed with pin lines around most panels and surfaces. This paint work is very pleasing. It shows age related patination with some light crazing. This model is around 100 years old and has survived remarkably well and would be a fabulous addition to a collector or as a standalone object.