Amazing Quality Model Ship In A Bottle, Circa 1920

Amazing Quality Model Ship In A Bottle, Circa 1920

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W: 16cm (6.3")H: 7.5cm (3")D: 7.5cm (3")

£740.00 Approx $895.88, €858.47

This superb model ship built inside a square whiskey bottle is one of the best I have ever seen. It is modelled on a large early 19th century four mast ocean going sailing ship in full rig and sail. It has twenty two individual canvas sails spread over the four masts. The detail is incredible as is the workmanship and scaling. The deck is detailed with an upper cabin, rowing boat and hatches. The ship is titled West Wind which is hand painted on the front of the hull which is also beautifully painted in shades of grey, red, black and white. The sea surrounding this vessel is modelled in clay with a painted finish. It is vey hard to understand how someone could have made such a fine and delicate model let alone build it through the narrow neck of a glass bottle. This would be a superb addition to any collection or could easily be enjoyed as a wonderful object.
Circa 1920