Empire bronze and marble desk top inkstand by Lefebvre of Belgium

Empire bronze and marble desk top inkstand by Lefebvre of Belgium


W: 37cm (14.6")H: 20cm (7.9")D: 24cm (9.4")

£4,600.00 Approx $5596.11, €5336.43

This magnificent large scale empire period desk top inkstand has a true country house presence about it. The significance of its proportion and the quality of the workmanship is outstanding. This inkstand is cut from a large single block of polished figured dark green marble and has a recess on each side for pens.  It is raised onto bronze lion’s paw feet with foliate brackets. Above cast with very fine detail and hand chased for sharpness are a pair of lidded urns, one at each end.  These originally would have had glass liners and were used for storing the ink. In the centre there is a larger urn with a removable pierced cover which would have been used for storing sealing wax. Supporting it on each side there is a winged cherub each holding a garland of flowers. Between their wings there is a sconce used to hold a small candle for melting the sealing wax on a letter. In good condition. 

This rare inkstand is made by the highly esteemed Belgium manufacture, Lefebvre. Manufactory of Tournai. A maker of fine objects for the king and important households. The design for the inkstand is in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design in USA.

This piece has been fully researched and authenticated by Christopher Coles Research https://www.bada.org/dealer/christopher-coles-research-and-cataloguing). And is backed up by his research notes and photographs of its design and similar noted inkstands. 

Belgium, circa 1820

H 20 w 37 d 24