Victorian scale model Gothic stone house with glass diorama C 1860

Victorian scale model Gothic stone house with glass diorama C 1860

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W: 54cm (21.3")H: 36cm (14.2")D: 30cm (11.8")

£3,200.00 Approx $3926.38, €3769.14

This brilliantly constructed and finely hand painted scale model depicts a 19th century lodge house from a large country estate. It is built in a complicated Gothic style. The house is constructed from timber, card and glass and represents a highly detailed stone built property with mullioned windows and decoratively corbelled and stepped walls with intricate tall roof gables in timber and stone with a tiled roof finished with decorative finials and crests and large graduated stone chimneys. The property has number of entrances all with corbelled stone arches and planked oak doors. The windows are glazed (there are a few panes missing). At one end of the lodge there is large timber glass house which has been brilliantly crafted as a diorama. Its interior is very visible through the glass panes and shows a highly detailed view of the inside which has been pain stakingly modelled with numerous plants and vegetation all along the back and side walls with an ornate central tiled walkway. And on near side a remarkable display of potted plants on graduated staging. This is absolutely fabulous in its detail and modelling. The house is mounted on to an oval timber base which has a grass finish and a number of stone steps which lead up to the entrances to the property.

English, 1860