19th century large Chinese wood root carving, circa 1870

19th century large Chinese wood root carving, circa 1870

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W: 36cm (14.2")H: 77cm (30.3")D: 31cm (12.2")

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This fascinating and highly tactile Chinese burr root wood carved sculpture depicts an elderly scholar. It is made from numerous individual pieces of selected natural burr root wood which have been cut, shaped and joined together to make up the cloaked torso. Individually, the head, arms and legs have been carved and pegged into place to construct this fascinating figure. There is excellent detail to the hands and feet and also the head and face which is enhanced with inlaid eyes. The gentleman has a extremely long beard and is wearing a simple traditional hat and is carrying a knobbly staff. His cloak is tied at the waist with a twinned slender root. The figure is mounted and displayed on an ancient and gnarly section of natural timber which displays with great interest.


A rare and large example, in good original condition with a wonderful rich colour and patina.

Chinese, circa 1870