A Late 19th C French Bronze Study Of A Lion By Vidal

A Late 19th C French Bronze Study Of A Lion By Vidal

Code: 10290


W: 38cm (15")H: 21cm (8.3")D: 11cm (4.3")


This superb bronze study has been finely sculpted and has captured the movement and prowess of this powerful hunting lion in a striding posture with his eyes firmly fixed on his prey. It stands on a bronze base which is signed Vidal and also has the word bronze along side the signature. This pleasing study has a good dark green patination and is further enhanced with being mounted on a green highly figured marble plinth. All in very good condition.
Louis Vidal (1831 – 1892) was born in France in 1831 and became a fine sculptor successfully exhibiting many works. Unfortunately, later in life, he developed an eye condition that eventually left him blind. Remarkably, he still sculpted and many of his late works were signed Vidal Aveugie which translates to Vidal the blind. In 1888 he was rewarded by being given the position of Professor of Modeling at the Ecole Braille Paris. Circa 1900