Late 19th C Japanese carved hardwood Okimono of a man, circa 1890

Late 19th C Japanese carved hardwood Okimono of a man, circa 1890

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W: 36cm (14.2")H: 72cm (28.3")D: 30cm (11.8")

£4,650.00 Approx $5705.52, €5477.03

This top quality and most impressive large scale Japanese carved hardwood okimono superbly depicts a characterful study of a delightfully crafty looking man. He is dressed simply in a robe. On his back he has a rolled woven mat for resting and a turtle shell sun hat hangs below. On his side hanging from his waist sash, there is a simple hand fan made from woven palm leaves and around his neck he is wearing a string of very large beads. This unfortunate character is on a journey and he seems to have lost or broken one sandal. His foot is sore and he is resting it on his gnarly walking stick. He has one arm outstretched and is holding out a large piece of fresh fruit as an offering perhaps to barter for new sandals. His head and face have been carved with great detail and he has inlaid bone and ebony eyes and bone teeth. His expression is magical. It has truly captured the crafty and enticing moment the artist and master carver intended. This okimono is displayed on a heavy naturalistic base .It is a superb standalone object carved from rich dense timber with a wonderfully tactile patination finish.

In very good condition with three barely noticeable very small age related shrinkage cracks. On the chest, the side of his foot and on the back of his head.  C 1890