A Rare And Exquisite George III Ladies Worktable With Multiple Secret Rising Compartments.

A Rare And Exquisite George III Ladies Worktable With Multiple Secret Rising Compartments.

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W: 55cm (21.7")H: 88cm (34.6")D: 42cm (16.5")

£11,000.00 Approx $13382, €12761.02

This important and unique table was made for a wealthy lady and came from what must have been a fine 18th-century house, it is superbly made and elegant item the like of which I have never seen before. This small table has more design and fine craftsmanship within it than any piece of furniture I have ever owned. It is oval in form and appears to be a fine quality 18th-century marquetry table which has five small mahogany drawers to the front, each with bone knobs and escutcheons and decorative inlaid stringing. Every surface on this piece is beautifully veneered and inlaid. The top has a large birdseye maple oval panel with a flame mahogany centre this is surrounded with panels of mahogany and birds eye maple. These two types of veneers are consistent throughout the piece. The top, in particular, is fantastically inlaid with fine marquetry in the form of flowers, leaves, acorns, swags and delicate sunburst quadrants. The top is finished with a cross banded edge which is fitted with turned bone and maple wood gallery. The oval sides are similarly panelled and inlaid. The table stands on square tapered mahogany legs which are inlaid with marquetry leaves on the upper section and are crossbanded and inlaid down each of their tapering faces, finally terminating in original square tapered cup casters. The most interesting part of this exotic piece of furniture is what it does in the confined space within the top and hidden in the centre of the table are four secret lifting sections. They are designed to add usage and personal interest in a unique way to the original owner. These sections operate on a lead-weighted mechanism with cords, wheels and lead weights similar in design and operate in the same way to a Georgian sash window. Four handmade wrought iron catches are hidden under the table and when each one is released it allows the weights to drop which lifts the hidden section for use. These features consist of a right and left-hand cabinet for sewing. The one on the left is fitted with drawers and the one on the right with shelves and a swing out bobbin for threads. To the rear of the table, there are two further sections which lift up. The rear one is a mirror with a finely carved griffin frame and in front of this is a jewel cabinet that lifts and folds down and then opens like a book to reveal an original fitted silk tray for various items of jewellery. These two sections are designed for simultaneous use for storing these precious items and admiring them in the mirror. The jewellery section has added security when the bottom drawer is locked you cannot gain access to the compartment. (This is a lengthy description but only to justify this amazing piece of early English furniture).
In excellent condition for age.
Circa 1780