A Large Pair Of Bronze Marly Horses After Costou.

A Large Pair Of Bronze Marly Horses After Costou.

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W: 52cm (20.5")H: 61cm (24")D: 26cm (10.2")


This fantastic pair of 19th century finely sculpted, very large scale bronze figures are after Guillaume Costou (1677 – 1746. )They each depict a wild prancing horse being restrained by the trainer who has them tethered on a short strap, they capture the situation perfectly with the muscular stallions out of control rearing up in a rebellious manner with their manes and tails full of movement at their restraint and a wild-eyed expression. Their trainers equally muscular in their physique are struggling to control such large animals. The quality of these bronzes is easily recognized with great detail to the eyes, teeth, hair, hands, and feet, etc. These bronzes are much better in their detail than most examples you will find. They have a green-brown patination which is a pleasing colour and are in very good condition. French, Circa 1860 - 1880