A Rare Chinese 19th C Yixing Pottery Teapot

A Rare Chinese 19th C Yixing Pottery Teapot

Code: 738230


W: 21cm (8.3")H: 10cm (3.9")D: 14cm (5.5")


This rare and beautifully modelled Chinese Yixing pottery teapot is of the finest quality and design. It is made in the form of a flowering water lily and sat around the flower are four finely modelled frogs. The central frog is part of the lid and forms its handle. The lid has cleverly been made hollow with small raised holes representing the stamen of the flower. However, to show the great skill of the artist potter they have produced moving trapped centres which would be a difficult feature to produce in the kiln. When the lid is removed there is a further hidden frog inside the pot gripping a central stem. The spout and handle are both of a matching naturalistic form. This fine late 19th Yixing Chinese teapot is marked on the underside and also under the lid with a square impressed seal mark.
Circa 1880