A Rare Silver Mid-19th Century Cornish Military Trophy

A Rare Silver Mid-19th Century Cornish Military Trophy

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W: 12.5cm (4.9")H: 22cm (8.7")D: 12.5cm (4.9")


This superb fine quality silver trophy was made in London by the renowned silversmiths Edward Barnard and John Barnard and is date marked for 1866 67. It is of similar form to a large goblet. The bowl section has many engraved roundels for further inscriptions. The front is decorated with a large oval panel with a superb hand chased and engraved artillery scene with several soldiers preparing and loading a cannon. The reverse panel has a hand engraved inscription which reads ladies challenge cup presented to Number 11( St Ives )Battery, Duke of Cornwall’s Artillery Volunteers. The trophy has a ring decorated stem and a flared and stepped foot which is all finely hand chased with gothic style tracery. The interior retains its original gilt finish. This is a rare piece of Cornish military history which would be an interesting addition to any collection. This quality item has a good weight -for its size, 474 grams and is in good condition.