A Rare Silver Porringer

A Rare Silver Porringer

Code: 590892


W: 14cm (5.5")H: 10cm (3.9")D: 9cm (3.5")


This superb and rare silver porringer was made in the workshops of John Payne and Son. They were founded in 1790 and after eight generations are still run by the members of the same family.
This piece is very heavy for its size - weighing 334 grams and was made in the Oxford workshop for presentation, with fine hand engraved detailed script : Presented to F. Wilsdon on completing his fortieth year of service (1899 - 1939), by the president and fellows of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
This porringer was hall marked in Birmingham in the reign of Edward VIII 1936 - 1937 with the makers mark for George Payne and Sons, and has Payne Oxford on the base.