A Stylish 19th Century Greek Terracotta Vase

A Stylish 19th Century Greek Terracotta Vase

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W: 15.5cm (6.1")H: 20cm (7.9")D: 15.5cm (6.1")


This wonderful hand made terracotta vase was made in Greece in the mid 19th century and is classical in a design depicting ancient Greece. It is hand raised in red clay and has many impressed fingerprints on the inside from the maker. The outside is profusely decorated with classical figures and borders including a greek key pattern and stylised flowers which have been individually moulded around the vase.
The finish and patination of this piece are superb and is very tactile. Originally, this vase was painted green and traces of this colour is still evident but is now showing the red terracotta with a polished lustre.
In good condition.