A Superb Regency Reclining Library Arm Chair

A Superb Regency Reclining Library Arm Chair

Code: 581396


W: 69cm (27.2")H: 107cm (42.1")D: 88cm (34.6")


This chair is made by the top manufacturer R. Daws who patented this complicated design for this reclining library arm chair.
It operates by pressing the wooden levers which are housed under the arms. This activates a mechanism which is hidden within the arms and locates into brass plates with a row of stepped teeth. The back and arms are hinged and when reclined lower and lock on the mechanism fixing the position this then creates a very comfortable chair which is further enhanced by a hidden adjustable foot rest which slides out from under the seat.
These chairs come in various qualities and all have the same principle design but with differing grades of detail. This is a high quality example with finely carved features.
The measurement is with the chair closed.