An English Early 19th C Brass Mounted Campaign Writing Box

An English Early 19th C Brass Mounted Campaign Writing Box

Code: 721263


W: 46cm (18.1")H: 18cm (7.1")D: 25cm (9.8")


This superb quality campaign writing box is beautifully made and has flush fitting brass inlaid corner mounts and side braces which are fixed with steel screws. They compliment the rich dense mahogany from which the box is made. The top and front have matching brass name and escutcheon plates and the sides are fitted with sunken brass folding carrying handles one of which is also used to open the large side drawer. The box opens to reveal a well fitted interior with original glass ink bottles with silver-plated tops and sections for the writer’s accessories such as stationery, pen holders, pencils quills, seals and sealing wax. The writing surface is fitted with an old hand tooled leather inlay. This hinges to access the storage areas below and also reveals the spring-loaded panel which has three secret drawers hidden behind it. This unusual box is also fitted with an adjustable reading lectern which can be set to different angles by adjusting the position of the brass ratchet and leaver. The lectern is removable and fits inside the box on to two location holes when not in use. This box is beautifully made and is in very good original condition and has a pleasing colour and patina, Circa 1830.