Early 20th Century Bronze Panther By T Cartier

Early 20th Century Bronze Panther By T Cartier

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W: 37cm (14.6")H: 18cm (7.1")D: 20cm (7.9")


This stunning early 20th-century bronze is a very finely sculpted study of a powerfull muscular panther with a wide snarling mouth – tensed and ready to attack its’ prey. The panther is patinated in a various tone of brown and stands on a dark green mottled base with the signature T Cartier.
Thomas Francois Cartier (1879 – 1943) was born in Marseilles, France. He later studied under Georges Gardet gaining skill and experience. He specialized in animal sculpture, often lions and other big cats. Cartier exhibited regularly at the Salon and was awarded a gold medal in 1927.
This fine example is in good original condition. Circa 1910