Exquisite Pietra Dura Marble Topped Table

Exquisite Pietra Dura Marble Topped Table

Code: 605534


W: 72cm (28.3")H: 74cm (29.1")D: 72cm (28.3")


This high quality decorative piece is made up of a very fine Indian white marble octagonal table top decorated with inlaid semi-precious cut stones forming a floral design with malachite, lapis, agate, turquoise , and mother of pearl.
The table top is quite large in size measuring 72cm at its widest.
These pieces were made in India by local craftsmen and then sold to English travellers in the late 19th century who brought them back to England where they commissioned a English cabinet maker to produce a suitable table base.
This fine example is made from ebonised mahogany and has four sturdy legs with decorative brass casters supporting a turned column with cross supports to carry the top.
It is in good condition, Circa 1900