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A Rare Piece Of Railway History. Stockton To Darlington Railway Lubri


Code: 10195


W: 44cm (17.3")H: 36cm (14.2")D: 44cm (17.3")

This rare surviving and most robustly made Stockton to Darlington railway lubricating oil can is incredibly heavy without contents. It is made from a thick gauge copper sheet which has been shaped and hand manufactured into this remarkable object. Every part has been reinforced with brackets and bracing grips and strong copper rivets. The hand plenishing marks from when it was made are still evident as are the brazed seams. On the top, there is a thick brass label with the initials S&DR which on research identifies this piece as having come from the early English Stockton to Darlington railway 1825 – 1863 and I presume would have been used by an engineer whilst maintaining the enormous early steam engines.
Circa 1850