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A Fine Large French Bronze Study Of A Napoleonic Period Soldier By E.H. Dumaige.

£3,695.00 Approx $4478.79, €4367.61

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W: 22cm (8.7")H: 66cm (26")D: 21cm (8.3")

This most impressive large bronze sculpture depicts an early Napoleonic period French Grenadier soldier dressed in full period uniform stood whilst lighting his pipe with his satchel lay at his feet and his rifle propped in the crook of his arm. This fine piece has very good detail throughout. It is raised onto a square naturalistic base which has four plain sides and mounted on the front face is a hand engraved brass label entitled Apress le combat Grenadier de 1792 par Dumaige H.C
Etienne Henry Dumaige, French 1830 – 1888. A large highly decorative piece in good condition with dark to mid brown patination. Circa 1860