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A Fine 19th Century Arts And Crafts Carved Oak Figure Group Of Three Monks

£1,395.00 Approx $1690.91, €1648.94

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W: 72.5cm (28.5")H: 38cm (15")D: 15cm (5.9")

This superb and finely detailed Victorian carved oak figure group humorously depicts three monks. The first is of small stature and has a confident expression whilst reading from a very large important looking book which is laying on the lectern. The next is waiting for his turn to read. He is much taller and is carrying a very small and less significant looking book and he has a concerned expression. The third one has no book but seems to be enjoying the rivalrous tensions between his fellows.
This most unusual piece is brilliantly carved and executed in solid English oak and is signed by the carver on the reverse V Geld and dates to circa1870. It has a good mellow colour and rich patination.