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A Superb Quality Silver Plated Domed Oval Box

£325.00 Approx $395.38, €377.03

Code: 690732


W: 19cm (7.5")H: 10cm (3.9")D: 13cm (5.1")

This fine oval box was made in the 1920s. It is a good example made from heavy gauge copper with a domed lid which has a decorative dragooned moulding at the top edge and also the rim where it opens on a stop hinge. The box has matching mouldings on its top edge and base. This pleasing piece was originally intended as a biscuit box but could have many other uses. The original silver plating is in good condition, its surfaces show a few minor age-related light scratches but overall a very pleasing high-quality item. Stamped on the base made in England EP Copper. Circa 1920