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A Superb Large Early 20th Century Porcelain Vase By Alexandra Porcelain Works Of Austria.

£475.00 Approx $653.37, €556.21

Code: 805620


W: 18cm (7.1")H: 22cm (8.7")D: 18cm (7.1")

This beautiful porcelain vase was produced by the Alexandra porcelain works of Turn Austria, circa 1910. It is of a pleasing bulbous shape with a narrow flared neck. The tinted ivory ground is richly decorated on the front and back with pale blue peony type flowers on brown stems with intricate leaves in various shades of green. All beautifully hand painted and highlighted on the edges with a mixture of smooth and raised tube lined gilding. The foot and neck have a green collar with a simple hand painted design and also finished with bands of gilding. This fine piece is in perfect condition with no wear or damage.