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A fine Black Forest limewood carved study of a boar, Circa 1870

£525.00 Approx $722.15, €614.75

Code: 10804


W: 16cm (6.3")H: 12.5cm (4.9")D: 6cm (2.4")

This very finely carved limewood study depicts a wild boar standing poised on the forest floor amongst rocks and foliage. His ears are pricked up and alert. He has brilliantly detailed features with small eyes a flat snout and a large pair of tusks. His coat is long and wavy with good movement to the bristles and shows his muscular physique. His tail is typically curled with a balbous s woolly tip. This fine carving is stamped on the base with the highly acclaimed carvers mark E.D .R Blatter. Swiss, circa 1870