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19th century Japanese Papier Mache container in the form of a puppy

£550.00 Approx $756.53, €644.03

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W: 33cm (13")H: 8cm (3.1")D: 15cm (5.9")

This most unusual item is Japanese and dates to the late 19th century.  It is a hollow container made from papier Mache and has a finish similar to tortoiseshell with light and dark mottling. It is in the form of a playful young puppy ready to pounce. It has a very pleasing happy expression with large eyes which have been hand painted together with its whiskers. It has skilfully been made with a hollow interior for the storage of possibly rice or some other household commodity. Access is at its tail which lifts off and forms the container's lid. The interior has a bright red lacquered finish. This rare and delicate item is in remarkably good condition.  There are four or five small minor age related shrinkage cracks that appear to be only on the lacquered surfaces with no losses. A most interesting and appealing piece.
Circa 1880