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19th century French bronze sculpture by Edouard Drouot, man and tiger


Code: 10855


W: 13cm (5.1")H: 28cm (11")D: 10cm (3.9")

This superbly modelled bronze sculpture is know as Drouots Lutte Pour la vie or in some literature as Esclave Combattant un Tigre.It depicts a classical scene of a semi naked man and a tiger in a ferocious battle. The man is on one side of a large rock and the tiger is mounting the rock and gripping the muscular young man with his sharp claws. He is defending himself with a timber club. The tension and the sheer grit of the man are well portrayed with his hard expression as he stares the tiger firmly in the eyes. This impressive bronze is signed E Drouot(1859 – 1945) in script and also has the foundry mark seal for Syndicat des fabricants de bronze unis France. It is in good condition with a pleasing mid brown patination and set onto a cut and polished green marble base.